The Board voted to take $10,000 from the emergency fund and $5,260 from the snow budget which totals $15,260. After dividing by 218 condominium units, the Association will be crediting each owner’s account $70.00.  That will leave the Association $27,477 in the snow budget for November and December 2020.  This credit will be applied to your account automatically. You can take advantage of the credit any time by simply reducing your scheduled payment by $70.00.  If you have ACH set up, your fee will automatically be reduced for July.  We wish we could have provided more relief; however, it just wasn’t feasible.  Our vendor, insurance, and other expenses have not decreased in any way which would allow us to pass along any additional savings. As always, if any owner is in need of temporary assistance, please submit a proposal to Management.  This information is always kept confidential and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Coldwater Crossing - Community Update - July 10th, 2020

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